Interview resources

The more time I spend podcasting and debriefing with health professionals on either side of the interview panel – the more I understand that there is a significant knowledge gap for clinicians transitioning into hospital and community work or new graduates applying to hospital and community jobs for the first time.

Thankfully, when it comes to interviewing for hospital and community jobs the difference between candidates is marginal and a relatively small bit of the right preparation goes a long way.

An interview preparation resource is part of CV consult. Get in contact at for more information on this and have a listen in to the podcast resources below if you have a hospital or community application and interview coming your way soon.

Answer Hospital and Community questions like a S.T.A.R

Hospital and Community CV and written applications Do’s & Dont’s

Physiotherapy Hospital and Community Interview example

SP, OT and Physio Hospital and community interview example

SP community and hospital Interview questions debrief with Tahlia

SP New graduate hospital and community interview debrief with Claire