Service Description

Working with CV consult:

Your CV and written application will be reviewed together and reworded to make it stand out from the crowd…

We research the health service you are applying to…

We will remove jargon, repetition and non-specific rambling from your application so it does not end up in the ‘no’ pile.

We will help you produce a highly readable and authentic written application that 100% reflects you and your experiences to date.

We will ensure you nail the values questions to the service you are applying to…

The service includes unlimited revisions until you are happy and confident with your application…

Resumes and written applications are reviewed together as well as any other specific requirements of your application.

If you need something custom or are interested in just a resume for a private practice job or a separate cover letter and written application review please email us at

This is a CV and written application service for Physio, OT and SP’s with a hospital and community jobs focus.

This service is ideal for :

  • New graduates applying for hospital and community roles
  • Experienced clinicians transitioning from private practice to hospital and community jobs
  • Experienced Physio’s, SP’s and OT’s updating previous and dated CV’s and written applications

As part of the service you will also receive an interview package after submitting your application